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Amazon Experience

Travel at ease to the Amazon rainforest without worrying about the details. Experience nature in an adventurous way, led by a responsible team that cares for you, the local community and the environment.

Why we started Amazon Experience?

We started this tour agency to make a difference. To take a stand in our local industry and do things differently.

We care about you enjoying, laughing and relaxing. It’s not only about you giving us a payment, is about you receiving an experience.

It is known and reported that scamming and lying about the content of tours in Iquitos (and all over the world to be fair) still happens. That pisses us off. And that’s of the reasons we don’t work with shouting street vendors.

Respecting everyone’s personal choices is something we value highly. That’s why we offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals options by request.

We would love if the tourism industry started getting more involved in taking care of the local community and the environment. We are doing our part and being optimists in this matter.

About Us

If you look at our homepage you can see that our mission is “to deliver outstanding and meaningful adventure experiences”. And that’s the key for us. The meaning.

For me, Luis, and Wolfers, both founders of Amazon Experience the meaning is shared but comes from different perspectives:


After retiring from playing online poker as a semi-professional and graduating from medicine school I continued pursuing and expanding into my biggest passion: Traveling and finding new places, cultures and people to learn from.

I have been in 5 continents (Antarctica I’m looking at you) in as many different locations as possible, from sleeping in the Jordanian desert with the Bedouins to freezing outside of a bus terminal in Argentinian Patagonia. All those experiences helped me get a sense on how things in the tourism industry could be improved and what are the needs a traveler needs covered.

One good afternoon we decided to put that knowledge together with Wolfers expertise and develop a tourism agency that really cared for their visitors, the local community, and nature.

Boom. Amazon Experience was born. And it’s making a change with your help.


I was born in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and I’ve been in contact with the Amazon jungle all my life.

As I grew up I became a professional tourism guide to keep in contact with what I love the most: Meeting people from around the world, helping them explore our region and to be close to Nature.

Sooner than later the reality of the industry hit me in the face. There was a lack of support from the local and regional authority for start-ups. So I had to work for other local tour agencies. I learned a lot from them but also noticed that some things needed to be done differently.

Starting Amazon Experience was a challenge but also one of my greatest dreams. It enabled me to take my development as a person to another level, putting into practice all that I’ve learned during my life.

My main goal is to help with the development of the region and its people. Showing to everyone that comes to Iquitos the spectacular tourism potential that we have.
For me it’s very important to generate jobs for the local community and at the same time help with the conservation of the environment. Doing what I do now I can fulfill both of these objectives.

It has been a great responsibility, but after consistently delivering a high-quality service, being rated Top 10 “Tours in Iquitos” and earning the “Certificate of Excellence” 2018 on TripAdvisor and positioning ourselves as one of the representative agencies in the Loreto region, I would say: It has been worth every second.

Do you wanna hear the simple truth?
I love my job.

About You

We’ve noticed that people traveling with us cares most about having authentic experiences, feeling secure and being treated as friends.

So that’s our aim.

If you have questions, a story to share or want to book a tour, please get in touch with us via mail at, WhatsApp +51958440862, sending us a message on Facebook, Instagram or filling the form. We will get back at you shortly.

Thanks for your attention.


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