We started this year very excited about our favorite soccer team: ACD El Milagro (literally, The Miracle) upcoming season.

If you don’t know them you can check last year’s post about them.

We were invited to their headquarters in Nauta town (south of Iquitos) to share with them, give some words of encouragement and deliver their new uniforms for 2019.

Headquarters of El Milagro
Lookin’ good!

After that, we joined them on the trip to Nauta stadium. We were rooting and yelling at every goal. It was a lot of yelling and cheering because they scored 5 times.

Winning the first match of the season

5 – 0!

Great way to start this year’s championship.

We posted in our Instagram Stories the experience of that day as it unfolded. If you missed it you can check it in our highlighted stories:

Young soccer team from Nauta
Way to go Milagro!

We are looking forward to the development of the team this season.

El Milagro

Go Milagro Go!

In November of 2017, we, as Amazon Experience, went to Nauta with a mission: Deliver 22 new uniforms for a local soccer team composed mostly of young people.

ADC El Milagro, young soccer players from Nauta, Peru
ACD El Milagro. Young soccer talents from Loreto region.

The name of this team is “ACD El Milagro”. ACD stands for Asociación Cultural Deportiva or Cultural and sports association. “Milagro” is a miracle in English. This soccer team is from the neighborhoods where Wolfers (one of Amazon Experience founders) was raised as a child.

This is Wolfers (Yes, he was a child too at some point, many years ago)

Our good friend Alex, in charge of sports delegation in ACD El Milagro, had commented us that this team was looking for sponsorship to get new uniforms without luck. Even after coming very close to winning the 2017 local championship (they came up in second place). We felt we could help there.

Alex showing the new uniforms for local soccer team
Our friend Alex

This is the design they chose.

Socce Uniform for ADC El Milagro. Nauta, Peru
Socce Uniform for ADC El Milagro. Nauta, Peru

Cool eh?

As we entered the club’s headquarters we saw most of the players gathered there along with Alex. It was inspiring to say the least seeing them with the uniforms and hearing what they had to say. We left feeling that differences can be made with our actions.

We are very thankful for this opportunity to support them and we encourage everyone reading this to think of ways how to potentiate your local community.

Local soccer team from Nauta gets new uniforms
ACD El Milagro
The team with its 2 new members. ACD El Milagro + Amazon Experience

PS: Go ACD El Milagro! This is your year, we are gonna be rooting for you. Your fans: Luis and Wolfers.