Hello wild people!

The first quarter of 2019 has ended and we felt the need to share with you some of our latest updates and news.

We are very excited about the things we are developing, the new friends we are making and the feedback we are getting.

Let’s start!

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews!

First of all, we wanna give a big ¡Gracias! to all the people that have trusted us and explored the Amazon jungle with us. Your feedback is invaluable,  your words of appreciation and smiles keep us going and make us very happy. Also your opinions on the issues we could work on help us to keep improving.

We have reached 150 reviews on TripAdvisor with 128 of those being 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

150 TripAdvisor reviews!

Also, our Google and Facebook reviews keep growing.

This has put us on the #1 spot for Iquitos Tours according to Inspirock platform.

Tours in Iquitos, Amazon Experience
Number 1 Tours in Iquitos, yeah!

We are so happy about this.

A thousand times thanks to everyone that took the time to write about their experience.

Instagrammers, unite!

Lately, we’ve been visited by some very popular Instagrammers, and they turned out to be also very nice and kind people.

Shoutouts to:

Coco Maggio @cocomaggio with his @cocotripsok project

He traveled with @alxxpaul to Pacaya Samiria and shot this great video.

Thanks Coco and Alex! 🤙

Nicholas Wenzel @nichowenzel

This guy showed different parts of Iquitos and the Amazon river. He is very passionate about showing the beauty of Peru.

Check his videos:

Yaba Travellers (George & Vasiliki) @yabatravellersyabatravellers.com

This sweet couple from Greece enjoyed their Amazon lodge trip and wrote this great article about their experience (it’s in Greek, you can use Google Translator).

You can also watch some great highlighted stories on their Instagram. We’ll wait for them to come back next time for Pacaya Samiria camping!

George & Vasiliki

Benjamin Encinas @benjaencinas and Sergio Rios @lasaventurasdelnegro

Benja and Sergio shared and traveled with us during their “Amazonas Expedition”, visiting many spots in the Amazon river and the Pacaya Samiria Reserve in their packrafts (like inflatable kayaks from @packraft.cl). They also visited other Amazon places like Leticia, Tabatinga and even Manaus.

Thanks for the good vibes guys! 🙌

Check their Instagrams for their photo journey. Here is a sneak peek:

Fashion emergency: New uniforms

Our favorite soccer team ⚽, ACD El Milagro (The Miracle) got new uniforms for this season, and they are currently rocking the local championship.

They won their first match 5-0! Way to go guys!

El Milagro ready for 2019 season

Also, our team got new uniforms, with breathable materials so they can feel more comfortable while guiding you and, at the same time, rocking a cool look.

Check our Instagram highlighted stories to see our team shopping for the perfect uniform.

New uniforms for exploring the Amazon jungle.
Rocking the new uniforms!

You can check both of these events in our Instagram looking at the highlighted stories ✌.

Speaking of Instagram…

Amazon Experience’s Instagram @amazonexp is catching on, getting close to 3500 followers. Thanks to everyone that follows our adventures!

If you wanna see some funny and informative stories, along with some casual “backstage” photos and videos and the photos we like the most in our feed, then follow us and unleash #YourWildSide.

New Tours

Lastly, we wanted to share with you our new tours!

We have been asked to do longer trips into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve by people wanting to explore the mythical “El Dorado” lake, famous for its landscapes and biodiversity.

Well, we listened and developed new tours for 8 days, 9 days and 10 days on Pacaya Samiria. The last two arrive and camp at El Dorado lake.

Tours in Pacaya Samiria El Dorado lake
Are you ready for the challenge?

Disclaimer: These tours are not for the faint-hearted.

These new Amazon tours are pure adventure. If you want to experience the tropical rainforest fully and have an adventurer’s soul then this is definitively for you! (Also great for birdwatchers, biologists, nature photographers, and videographers). If you fit this description and are excited to try those we have a good “early bird” 50 USD discount going on for a limited amount of time, so we can get feedback on these itineraries. If you have any doubt or have some questions just contact us.

Speaking of nature photography, we are also partnering with our friends of travelling.cl (Instagram @travelling.cl) preparing for our first “Nature photography trip”, guided by Benjamin Encinas @benjaencinas in July.

Check his amazing work on his Instagram. Here is a sample:

Reflections in Pacaya Samiria
Pacaya Samiria: Jungle of mirrors
Sunset in the Amazon river
Who doesn’t love sunsets?

We will share with you the pictures that come out of this joint venture.

Final words… for now

That’s it for now folks.

We feel so much gratitude for what we are experiencing right now. To see our dream keep growing and help people experience the Amazon rainforest in a real and safe way makes us immensely happy.

We’ll keep you posted!

Until next time.

Thanks for your attention.


Hello wild people!

The Amazon Experience team is happy, very happy. And it’s all thanks to you, the travelers.

This week we were contacted by TripAdvisor with great news for us. We have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence 2018!

Amazon Experience receives Certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor 2018. Iquitos, Peru.
Amazon Experience – Certifcate of Excellence 2018

You can check our profile here.

With over 90 reviews there (and many more on Facebook, Google, in our physical notepad inside the office and other places), we feel very grateful towards all of you.

What motivate us it’s your constant feedback in how to do things better, your words of kindness and appreciation, your recommendations, your understanding when we screw up something and your encouragement to keep us going with this dream we had, about how to do things differently for the better, regarding tourism in the Amazon rainforest.

We have big plans to continue the development of a tourism business that cares for the travelers as friends and visitors, for the local community, for our team and, especially, for nature and the environment.

Thanks for allowing us to do what we love.

Big hug to all of you.

And remember… Stay wild!


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Hello wild people! How is it going?

Almost nine months ago we did our 2017 Recap. Now it’s time to deliver some news for this current year. Are you ready? Because we are!

We wanted to start by saying: Gracias.

Yes, that simple word (that we wholeheartedly hope you know what it means in English), that for us it has all the meaning in the world.

We feel grateful for your awesome feedback, for all the people that have enjoyed with us, for those that came as strangers and went back home as friends. For your laughter, smiles and good vibes. To all of you, for choosing us and letting us continue our growth:


Continuing with the trend of our last recap here you can see where people visit our website:

Map of visitors to Amazon Experience website
Map of visitors – amazonexperience.net

And the Top 10 countries with more visitors:

Worldwide visitors to Amazon Experience
Top 10 countries that visit amazonexperience.net

Now let’s dive in!

Big news and updates

Some important news and milestones that we wanted to share with you:

Web changes

We are constantly updating our website and the tools we use to the latest version. Taking into account the corresponding security measures to assure your payment information is safe with us.

Regarding support, we have added Live Chat support. Now besides reaching us by email, contact form, Facebook or Whatsapp, you can also contact us and solve your doubts without even leaving our website. Cool eh?

Livechat support for booking Amazon tours
Wanna chat?


Amazon Experience live chat support
We are ready to assist you!

For the functional part, we have added a “What to bring” tab right inside every tour, so our visitors know beforehand how to prepare for their Amazon trip. This was a popular request so thanks to those who gave us their feedback on this issue.

Updated website so people know what to bring to the Amazon jungle
Yep, now is that easy

We also integrated automatic pricing discounts. If you choose a tour for 4 people or more you will get a 5% discount, taken into account in your shopping cart when you do the checkout.

And now, if you go to our gallery, you can find our new…

Amazon Experience video

Our friend Simon made us a wonderful video in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. It includes some cool aerial shots of Pacaya Samiria. We cannot hide our love for this video. Check it out!

You can also check our other video, made by Vianney Lhoumeau

If you are a videographer and/or travel blogger and you plan to visit Iquitos send us a message to see if we can collaborate and work together.

Rainforest Trust support

We are celebrating our first year being part of the Roots program. We will continue to support organizations committed to protecting the environment. If you are interested in helping Rainforest Trust you can check their webpage to get more information about what they do.

Roots program – Rainforest Trust

Support for a local young soccer team

We decided to support one local soccer team of Nauta. Its name is ACD El Milagro and they are gonna rock the local soccer championship this year with their new uniforms. You can read the full story here.

ADC El Milagro, young soccer players from Nauta, Peru

Sponsoring the Peruvian Ornithology Congress 2018

This year the Congreso Peruano de Ornitología (Peruvian Ornithology Congress) is going to be organized for the first time outside of Lima. Which better place to host it than Iquitos? Being one of the biggest gateways to explore the Amazon rainforest with hundreds of different bird species to look for, we believe this Congress is an opportunity not to be missed by bird lovers.

Birding in the Amazon Jungle. Iquitos, Peru
Capped heron – Piherodius pileatus

We are sponsoring this ornithology event because we think it’s going to help Iquitos and the people working in the tourism niche. And, well, because we love birds too. For more information, you can check the official website (Spanish).

Reviews, reviews, reviews

We are getting closer and closer to the 100th TripAdvisor review. At the moment we have over 85 reviews in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Greek.

You can check our TripAdvisor profile here.

Thanks to all of you that have taken the time to let us know your thoughts about what we do, and with this we include also people that gave us Google reviews, Facebook reviews, pen and paper reviews and in-person feedback along with emails after their tour was ended. You rock guys!

Goggle reviews for Amazon Experience
Google reviews


Facebook reviews for Amazon Experience
We reached 50 Facebook reviews!

We keep our commitment firm: To keep adapting, learning and optimizing to bring you the best experience in the Amazon jungle.

2018 Travel Awards

This year we have received two awards. And we are very happy about that!

First, we got the news that we won the LTG  – Service Excellence Award 2018 for the second year in a row. Yay!

Service Excellence 2018

And a few days ago we received a message from THA (Travel and Hospitality Awards) about us being selected as Wildlife Tour Company of the Year 2018 in Loreto. Double yay!

Wildlife Tour Company of the Year 2018 in Loreto

New adventure and camping tours into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

Lately, we have been working on putting together our new tours. This is based on the feedback we have gotten from all of you, and your desire to explore deeper and for a longer time into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

You can now take a look at our 7 Days 6 Nights tour in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. We will have longer, up to 10 days, tours soon. Keep an eye on our tours section.

Our friends enjoying the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
Our friends enjoying the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Now that you can explore for a week or longer. Are you ready for adventure?

Price adjustments

We are gonna be upfront about this: Our prices are going up. We decided to make a public statement about this and be transparent about it.

Our operational costs have gone up, with new software and technologies being used, new equipment and more people working in the Amazon Experience team.

We, also,  had to factor in the rise in price for entrances to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, imposed by the SERNANP since February 2018. You can check authorized tour agencies for entering the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve here.

We haven’t raised our prices in more than a year and for us to continue growing and giving you the best experiences, including support before and after your trip, while at the same time expanding our social impact, we need to do so.

We wanted to give you, and all Amazon Experience visitors, the chance to book at our “old” prices before changing. That’s why we are going to offer discounted prices, that match previous prices, until the end of May (May 30th included, to be specific).

Another thing to mention is that our prices are not only going up but also going down. How is that supposed to work? You might ask.

From now on, every time you book a tour for 4 or more people you get automatically a 5% discount.

This discount is applied to your shopping cart when you do the checkout and is a way of encouraging big families, organizations or just big groups of friends to come and experience the Amazon jungle with us.

Final words

Gratitude. That’s what we feel now.

We are full of joy enjoying what we have built but also eager to keep growing and developing a business that cares for their customers, their team, the local community and, above all, nature and the environment.

Thanks for letting us do what we love.

Peace out and…

Stay Wild

After being nominated and shortlisted for the LTG Awards 2017 (Luxury Travel Guide Awards), a few days ago we received an email that made us jump and high-five everyone in our office:

LTG Service Excellence 2017
Amazon Experience – LTG Awards 2017

Yes! We won.

That LTG Awards recognizes our work is great because it means that all the effort we put into caring for our visitors is being reflected not only in raving excellent reviews but by being recognized by International standards in Service Excellence.

In their own words:

All winners of the Holiday & Tour Specialist awards are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by our experienced in-house professionals as well as several celebrity guest judges. This ensures that only the most deserving teams, businesses, and individuals walk away with one of these prestigious accolades.

All Luxury Travel Guide Award programs represent the pinnacle of achievement, championing the best in their respective fields, therefore to come out as a clear winner is an achievement to be proud of.


Indeed we are very proud of this achievement and it encourages us to continue delivering a quality service with a smiling face to all our visitors.

Thanks for tuning in, the Sloth will now play the celebration song.

Sloth Banjo Amazon Experience
Weeeee aaare the chaaampions.. yeah yeah