Peru Tourism

Peru tourism has been growing steadily over the years, welcoming millions of visitors each year.

Wanna know why?

Short answer: Peru is awesome.

It has three different areas to visit: Coastal, Andes, and Amazon, each one with its own unique landscapes, wildlife, cultural backgrounds, gastronomy, etc.

Peru tourism is based mainly on Cultural tourism and Ecotourism.

Having the third largest extent of tropical rainforest in the world (after Brasil and the Democratic Republic of Congo) makes Peru a paradise for those looking out for wildlife spotting and flora appreciation because of its biological diversity.

Amazon river Victoria Regia
Victoria Amazonica, biggest water lily on Earth.

Peru tourism: How many people visited Peru in the last few years?

One image speak for a thousand words.

Peru Tourism Arrivals
Peru tourism arrivals trend (yes, is going up)

Over 4.500.000 visitors to Peru in 2016. That’s around half the population of Austria or Sweden, for making a comparison.

From which countries visitors came to Peru in 2016?

We receive visitors from all over the world. They come mainly for vacations, holidays and to explore all the hidden treasures that Peru has to offer.

In 2016 the main top 15 countries from where visitors came to Peru were:

CountryNumber of visitors in 2016
2United States572.595
12United Kingdom70.808

Where do visitors go in Peru?

Most of the visitors coming to Peru arrive at Lima (or visit it during their stay), being around 90% of the total. The second most visited city is Cusco, with over 80% of the total.

Can you guess how many tourists visit Iquitos, located in the Amazon rainforest? You are in for a surprise:

Visitors Peru by City

Places visited in Peru by country (Graph)
Places visited in Peru by country (Graph)

The answer is around 5%. That’s right, only 5 out of 100 tourists visit Iquitos. Being visitors from Italy the lowest (2%) and from the United Kingdom the highest with 7% (Thanks for coming guys!)

Taking a look at these images and with the above information in mind… Where would you go if you wanna get away from the crowds and explore some off the beaten path destinations?

Visiting Iquitos as a gateway to exploring the Amazon Jungle can be an excellent option for those looking out for adventure, boat rides, and wildlife viewing.

Are visitors satisfied after coming to Peru?

The definitive answer is Yes.

A satisfaction rate of 94% has been reported for visitors after their stay in Peru.

Peru Tourism Satisfaction
This is how Satisfaction looks like in the Amazon Jungle.


The growing number of visitors coming each day to Peru, being highly satisfied with their choice, is a reflection of all the things this country has to offer. There are many different areas to explore (with varied geography, weather, flora, and fauna), many activities to do and many things to learn. It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are: Backpacker, businessman, honeymooner or part of a big family. You will surely find something for your taste.
In short: Come to Peru, you will not be disappointed.

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